North Dallas Christian Counseling

Thursday, April 09, 2020

This is a short, but poignantly biblical discussion by Dr. Ed Welch about PTSD. As in our current mileu this issue is affecting more and more people, stemming from the horrors of terrorism to personal experiences of death and abuse, we need a word from the Lord on this matter. He will be with us! And He has the final word on the matter!


While COVID-19 presents a real challenge, North Dallas Christian Counseling will remain open and committed to providing the same professional counseling services as normal. Our goal is to continue business as usual, while maintaining best practices regarding community health.

If you have an appointment or would like to make an appointment, yet you believe you have come in contact with COVID-19, are showing any flu or flu-like symptoms or are anxious about the spread of the disease, please reach out to us at 214-577-8334 as a telehealth session may be appropriate.

If you would like to schedule or move your in-person appointment to remote telehealth, James “Steve” Clay, LPC is providing telehealth services. Please contact our office to make arrangements.