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Saturday, May 30, 2020


An Article by James S (Steve) Clay, MABC, LPC

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Everyone either struggles with it, or has experience with someone who does. Anger is prevalent in its various forms. On a continuum we can soft-sell it as frustration or watch it in the fireworks of rage. In whatever way it is experienced, we can feel alternately powerful and subsequently uncomfortable or full of shame. What is anger? Is it an emotion, an experience, or something more? What does the Bible say about anger? How does the Bible define it? How does the Bible portray it? And what does it tell us we to do about it?

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An Article by James S (Steve) Clay, MABC, LPC

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Perhaps no topic is as tender and potentially controversial as divorce. Churches are experiencing alarming numbers of divorces among their memberships, thus weakening the very fabric of the church itself. Families are torn apart, many times leaving disillusioned and angry spouses, along with the bitterly painful reality of broken-hearted children. In order to understand how to address this issue in practical terms, we must first have a biblical understanding of divorce.

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An Article by James S. (Steve) Clay,  MABC, LPC 

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The Bible’s view of marriage is lofty and magnificent. Because of our tendency toward sinful, selfish thinking, and culture’s profound influence on us, viewing marriage rightly is a formidable task. We must think and study hard, and depend upon God’s word and the Holy Spirit to give us eyes to see. And, we must want to see!

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Trials and Temptation


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An Article by James S (Steve) Clay, MABC, LPC

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All of us experience trials and temptation. All of us have known times of challenge, difficulty, and pressure where our faith was tested. What does the Bible say about these times? Why do they happen and what is God’s purpose for us in them?

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While COVID-19 presents a real challenge, North Dallas Christian Counseling will remain open and committed to providing the same professional counseling services as normal. Our goal is to continue business as usual, while maintaining best practices regarding community health.

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